Talent Solutions

Bespoke and complete.

The core of our business is executive level search and selection recruitment. However, there are a range of complementary services that further enable us to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Executive Recruitment

Key leadership appointments transform organisations: selecting the right executive recruitment partner is fundamentally important. Kaizen works with a range of clients to solve leadership problems across the management spectrum.

Collaboration. Creativity. Rigour.

At Kaizen we know that what we do can be critical to the organisations we work with. Our extensive experience of recruiting key leadership positions and our fundamental principles enable us to provide a thoroughly informed and wholly professional services. Whether a major multinational or an SME, we provide insight, rigor, and expertise.

Our clients are often organisations undergoing rapid change. We understand the value of attracting and retaining the right people; we aim to support our clients in making appointments that will provide lasting value.

Clients get the best results from an executive recruitment firm whose values they share. We believe a combination of collaboration, creativity and rigorous process helps us to deliver exceptional results.

Interim Management

Complimenting Executive Search, operating in the same specialist fields and industries, adhering to the same rigorous standards, Kaizen offers an interim management and consulting service. There are many reasons why companies may need interim support, ranging from site relocation and sudden growth to new launches and organisational restructure.

Leadership for transitional change.

We can provide support throughout these periods of change by helping clients fill critical skills gaps with experienced interim managers and independent consultants.

Our specialist consultants have the deep business experience needed to understand the intricacies of each specific assignment. Exclusive access to an exceptional pool of pre-selected interim managers ensures highly effective senior appointments.

Project & Volume Resourcing

We offer a flexible approach to managing multiple hire campaigns. We combine our executive recruitment methodologies with robust project management techniques to ensure a positive candidate experience and deliver successful outcomes.

Bespoke consultancy services. Adding value to your organisation.

Candidate attraction methodologies can vary from global to regional to local. We oversee and manage all elements of the process including assessment, offer management and all due diligence.

 Further to this we also offer:

  • Assessment
  • Talent Pipelines
  • Global Talent Mapping
  • Career Transition
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity

Assessment can be used very effectively to inform recruitment decisions. It can equally enhance the recruitment experience from a candidate perspective, providing them with useful developmental feedback.

Tailored. Methodical. Innovative.

Perhaps more importantly it can give us the necessary information to build teams with the correct balance of skills whilst informing the employer of a new candidates development needs.

At Kaizen, we tailor our solutions to your needs; this could be a volume, online assessment for middle management or a highly bespoke technical assessment. Our assessors have access to a wide variety of tools but also embrace innovation and enjoy designing challenging and rewarding assessment days.